Teel s.r.o. was established in 2012 by Ing. Tomáš Lacko and Ing. Monika Lacková.
The main goal of this company was to finance the growing production and business activities of company Mertl s.r.o.

In 2013, Teel s.r.o. became the majority owner of Mertl s.r.o. and in 2016, together with company Sekyrka s.r.o., co-owner of Altese s.r.o. This year, Teel s.r.o. became one of the members of the free association of cooperating companies Sekyrka s.r.o., Mertl s.r.o., Altese s.r.o., Teel s.r.o. This step made it possible to substantially expand the production and business opportunities of the mentioned companies. The annual turnover of the whole group is CZK 500 million.

Extensive machinery and larger storage facilities immediately shifted the production and business activities of all the companies to a higher level. For the company Teel s.r.o., which financially provided mainly financially expensive business and storage activities, this opened the opportunity to use storage facilities in Hořovice and ZbirohBoth warehouses have an optimal location (ca 3 km away from the D5 motorway Prague - Pilsen - Rozvadov). Sheets which are almost exclusively designed for specific customers and their projects are stored here. This warehouse also serves as a warehouse for business activities and as a warehouse for the companies.

Last but not least, Company Teel s.r.o. also deals with economic counseling. We will be happy to offer you a process audit in your company, recommend improvements, find weaknesses, advise where and how to certify from the point of view of the quality system or other professional processes such as welding. We will help with tax and accounting issues, including auditing. We also offer formal preparation of a business plan for the acquisition of predominantly bank financing. Moreover, we deal with acquisitions and marginal claims management.

Ing. Tomáš Lacko
Managing Director